Progressive Peel
A gentle but effective treatment, the Progressive Peel targets the outermost layers of the skin and leaves no visible peeling post-treatment so you won’t miss a step. This treatment is best when received regularly as the effects are cumulative. A personalized treatment regimen will be recommended to you.

Mid-depth Peel
The Mid-depth Peel takes things a bit further and sets it’s sights on the intra-epidermal layer, producing more noticeable results – still with little downtime. Skin may appear somewhat sunburned with peeling for up to three-days post treatment. The Mid-Depth Peel may be performed every 4-6 weeks, but timing is based on each individual.

Deep Peel
The Deep Peel is a deep treatment with dramatic results. This is an excellent option for significantly sun damaged skin or clients with severe acne scarring. You should expect to experience a few days of discomfort and heavy exfoliation typically for about 5 days post-treatment. This aggressive, but safe procedure is often performed 1-2 times annually but when necessary may be done more often with discretion.

Progressive- $115
Mid-Depht – $180
Deep- $220