Finally! Facials that actually change your skin. Using all-natural corrective products, Top Spa’s menu of clinical facials correct and restore while you relax. Each facial is tailored to address your individual needs and get results that you, and everyone else, will notice. All Top Spa clinical facials come with an upper body massage and aroma therapy.

Love the sun but hate the skin damage it leaves behind? Erase the evidence of past mistakes like sun damage and uneven skin tone. Just relax because you’re in good hands. The Top Spa Brightening facial uses vitamin C to lighten the problem areas and give you what the sun never could – a glowing, healthy complexion.

If your face is feeling a little dull, a little dingy, a little … meh and you want to liven things up a bit, the Clarifying facial is your ticket to a pure complexion. The Clarifying facial works for all skin types and is a gentle treatment that guarantees fresh, clean, hydrated skin.

Rewind the hands of time with an intense regimen of line minimizing peptides, firming and toning antioxidants, and growth factors to strengthen and rebuild tissue. We’re not messing around here – prepare for seriously younger looking skin.

Its time to breakup with your breakouts people! Top Spa uses a highly effective combination of salicylic acid, extractions, anti inflammatory green tea to calm skin and growth factors to repair strengthen skin. Top Spa puts acne on notice and you back in control of your complexion.

If seeing rosacea red has you green with envy over other people’s complexions, the highly-customized Top Spa Rosacea facial can help. We can tame the flame by targeting redness through this effective yet gentle treatment that strengthens the natural protective barrier and nourishes for cell renewal to combat inflammation.

All Facials are $115