Finally! Facials that actually change your skin. Using all-natural corrective products, Top Spa’s menu of clinical facials correct and restore while you relax. Each facial is tailored to address your individual needs and get results that you, and everyone else, will notice. All Top Spa clinical facials come with an upper body massage and aroma therapy.


A natural alternative to fillers, injectibles and a face lift. Intraceuticals delivers instant, visible results that last. The patented 3-step Hyralunic Layering process hydrates skin to fight signs of aging. Fast. With little to no down time. Get ready fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and blemishes… you have finally met your match. Top Spa offers in-spa Intraceuticals treatments as well as at-home products designed for daily use.


This is the facial everyone is talking about. HydraFacial ™ is a resurfacing procedure that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates in one non-surgical treatment with no downtime. We’re not even kidding. Though you will see immediate results, HyrdaFacial ™ is not just a quick-fix procedure.


Don’t. Be. Afraid. Just keep reading … while Micro-needling may sound medieval, the results are ground-breaking. The Eclipse Micro-Pen ™ (aka, the magic wand) reduces wrinkles, improves texture and tone while revealing softer, younger skin with fewer signs of aging. Micro-needling also treats acne scars, sun damage and even stretch marks.


Micro-current: the non-surgical face lift

Did you know that your skin can be immediately firmed, lifted and tightened without going under the knife? With no downtime and results that last. Meet the micro-current. Using low-level electricity and radio frequency, the micro-current stimulates skin to tone muscle, drain unwanted fluid and spark production of collagen leaving you with supple, smooth, hydrated skin. Paired with Intraceuticals, the micro-current produces an even more dramatic, longer-lasting lift.


A gentle but effective treatment, the Progressive Peel targets the outermost layers of the skin and leaves no visible peeling post-treatment so you won’t miss a step. This treatment is best when received regularly as the effects are cumulative. A personalized treatment regimen will be recommended to you.


Baby soft skin can once again be yours! Welcome to your newest obsession. Dermaplaning is a gentle, safe and effective form of exfoliation with added benefits of removing the annoying little white fluffy hair on your face. Makeup will glide on smoothly and your complexion will glow without that furry fluff matted to your face. And no, you won’t look like Chewbacca – the hairs will not grow back darker or thicker. Promise.


Top Spa specializes in makeup application and uses only Glō · Minerals makeup. Recommended by dermatologists, Glo Minerals uses pharmaceutical-grade talc-free ingredients and natural high-pigment minerals that not only make your face look great but also nourish your skin. Top Spa boasts over 10+ years of makeup experience for a host of different events, including but not limited to: weddings, special events, photography, TV & film, runway and personalized makeup lessons.