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Top Spa is the leader in natural alternative treatments for the skin. But what is on the outside of the skin; (i.e. acne, rosacea, premature wrinkles, dry skin) can very well be caused by what’s going on inside the body; (i.e. hormones, malnutrition, gut problems, inflammation or a host of other internal triggers). To get to the root issue and solve your skin problems we offer our health coaching functional medicine approach to clearing up skin issues. Think of healthy vibrant skin as an added bonus as we dive deep into building a more healthy and radiant you.


Functional Medicine, Bulletproof Coach

Equipping both men and woman be their best self, Trey Tanella is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Certified Bulletproof Coach who believes in the whole body connection to get to the root cause of health problems. Trey is dedicated to empowering his clients with unbiased, scientific approach to achieve beauty through health and wellness. Studied at Parker University, a graduate school for Chiropractic, and obtaining his CFMP from Functional Medicine University, then continued his education and got his BPC from Bulletproof Training Institute, Trey has developed the skills and understanding to take the deep dive into solving health issues. Trey is dedicated to exceeding expectation so he teamed up with Dr. Ken Taylor DC, ND, who has been practicing for 22 years as an expert in root cause analysis to further help the clients at TopSpa. From Trey’s own desire to be superhuman he provides innovative tools and techniques for clients to have the same energy, radiance, and inner strength to be their own Wonder Woman or Superman.

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